The Ardoin name is one of the most revered in Zydeco music. Sean's family is truly Zydeco royalty. Its legacy started with the legendary Creole musician Amedee’ Ardoin, the first Louisiana Cajun or Creole accordionist to record; followed by Bois Sec Ardoin, one of the best-known practitioners of the state's rural Creole sound for six decades; and Lawrence "Black" Ardoin and the Ardoin Brothers and has been passed on for generations from one accordion player to the next. This brings us to Sean Ardoin. After co-leading the hot and critically acclaimed Zydeco outfit Double Clutchin' with his younger brother Chris, Sean set out on his own musical journey in 1999. Sean Ardoin & Zydekool's hot brand of dancehall Zydeco has been a fan favorite since 1999, with the group performing everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to a television performance on BET's top-rated "COMICVIEW" as well as his music being featured on MTV’s Road Rules, Real World New Orleans, Fraternity Life and Sorority Life. Sean Ardoin represents both the rural roots and progressive future of Louisiana's foot-stomping Creole-Zydeco sound like no other artist and is truly one of Zydeco music's "triple threats." He is a rare combination of tradition, talent, and creativity. He has pushed the boundaries of the music and contributed to its growth and development, especially now with this new development…Christian Zydeco!

In July of 2005, Sean believed with all his heart that God wanted him to stop playing Zydeco. While he never thought the hiatus from music was permanent, he never thought it would bring him full circle right back to his roots. But, just as God sent Moses out of Egypt to the wilderness and back to Egypt, so He has done with Sean. “God had to clean me up and teach me how to write and perform from a spiritual, versus a fleshly, standpoint. When He’d done that, he sent three prophets across my path to confirm that God wanted me to do Christian Zydeco.” Sean says, “I can take no credit whatsoever for coming up with the idea of Christian Zydeco, only for being obedient enough to believe and do something that had never been done before, kind of like Noah building an ark when he had never seen the rain before.”

Now that Christian Zydeco is a reality, Sean had to get a band together and come up with a new name, Sean Ardoin + R.O.G.K. The acronym stands for, Reflections Of God’s Kingdom. Sean believes his music will cross over all denominational, racial, and economic lines. Because this is a new thing and a “God” thing, he believes that he will get airplay on Christian Contemporary Radio as well as Contemporary Gospel stations. “I play good music for God.” Ardoin says, “My music is ‘Life Music,’ and by that I mean that it is relevant to people’s everyday life. You don’t have to be in church to listen to it, but you could play it in church if you wanted to.”

“How Great is Your Love?!” is the title of the new CD. It will minister without being preachy, and counsel without an appointment. It is truly a heavenly inspired work. From the time the horns announces its presence on the title track to the last note of the last song, you will be consoled, uplifted, encouraged, challenged, touched, and comforted by the Christian Zydeco music of Sean Ardoin + R.O.G.K.

Sean’s son “Lil” Sean Ardoin, II, is a formidable musical force in his own rite. He produced the track and wrote his verse on the hit single, “Father to Son.” The most impressive fact is that he did all of this before he made 15 years old. He also sings background on a few tracks as well. Sean and “Lil” Sean, who, incidentally, is not so little anymore, are presently working on a CD for Sean II. It will be Christian music that caters to the 12-25 demographic. It will include the elements of Pop and R&B music with decidedly Christian content. But, for now, daddy’s new project, “How Great is Your Love?!” has the family’s total focus.

Sean Ardoin + R.O.G.K., loving on God through song with a LOT of Louisiana flavor!!!!

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